New kind of dream.

Date: 1/11/2020

By rembrandt

So weird. I had a dream that Lorenzo came over to my dads apartment and just stayed there for like 5 days. I was there and so was my brother. I don’t think we really talked that much because I was acting shy. But I was happy he was there. My brother was pretty annoyed with him being there, and one of Lorenzo’s friends also came over, Ian kept saying he was a black person trying to act Mexican. IDK what that meant. He made himself at home immediately. Dad didn’t really care either, although at one point after a few days, he said to me in passing “your new boyfriend” mockingly, as though Lorenzo were my bf. Embarrassed. I don’t remember ever going to sleep in my dream, but I do remember taking a shower. When I took a shower someone had put a radio on the ledge, music was playing, it maybe it was kcrw. I also remember having a pile of laundry in my dad’s room with all my stuff there. Ian’s bedroom turned into my bedroom again, it looked as it did when I was in high school. It was always afternoon time, around 5pm when the setting sun would hit my window in my room, dusk. Eventually Lorenzo was getting ready to leave, I was disappointed, I wanted him to stay longer. He called me and my brother the best siblings of all time. Odd. Every night he was staying with us he would go out, and party or go to a club I guess? When he was leaving Ian said he’d taken some alcohol. I didn’t really care. My brother was happy he was leaving. —— Another dream was in Mexico City. I was watching mom’s friend Elaine go on a date with some guy, he wanted to share his bike w/ her but she’d already brought her own. They rode around the city together. Fast foreword, they met each other by chance again, the guy thought the date had went well but Elaine though otherwise. She wanted to get away from him. I don’t even know what Elaine looks like so I don’t think she had very defined features in this dream. But the Mexican guy’s face was very clear, he was really handsome. I’d never seen him before though IRL. - Both of these dreams are so out of the ordinary for me. I usually dream of people from my childhood, strongly. This is the first time I’ve had a dream about anyone I’ve met recently, let alone last year. I guess Lorenzo left a significant impression on me. I wonder if he thinks of me.