series of dreams

Date: 8/2/2017

By emmacoons

right when i was falling asleep i knew i was going to have weird dreams, it felt like something was watching me. i don't remember what order they were in, but i remember riley w. was in my dream. we were with sonya who was in the back of his car. we parked up on top of this hill thing, which had a dip if u drove down it, but an even bigger one if you keep going down it (like a rollercoater). it was an extremely steep hill, you wouldn't have been able to drive up it in real life. riley started driving down it and i didnt say anything about the slope even though i knew it was there, but when we reached the second one i said to be careful about the slope. in my dream i remember feeling the same thing you would feel when going over that ONE big slope on a rollercoaster. i dont remember what happened after that. i had what seemed like a series of different dreams last night, and i rememeber it was a freedom farmers retreat type thing, but in a cabin/house with a ton of people that weren't even on the crew. there was more to this part of my dream but i only remember a select part of it, which was how adam asked me if i wanted to smell his cologne and i said no but he still sprayed it in my direction.