High School Massacre

Date: 4/30/2019

By mynights

I was back at Star of the Sea in Grade 10. I had shot all but 4 of my classmates. I have no memory of killing anyone and I don't know who I spared. It was the day after I'd shot everyone and I was back at school with the remaining students. I remember being in the school yard. Everyone knew what I'd done but I'd been allowed to come back to school, so no one could do anything about it. People were feeling really awkward around me and I knew that but I wasnt fussed. For some reason I knew I'd gotten away with it and so I was relaxed and felt untouchable... There was a fundraiser being held in the school grounds for the students who'd been killed. I was helping with the fundraiser and my task was to call a mother of one of the dead students and ask her if she'd bake pumpkin scones to donate to the fundraiser. I didn't tell her who was calling, so obviously she didn't know it was me who had killed her child just the day before. This made me feel awkward and slightly decietful, but not for long as I didn't actually care. I was only calling her to see if she'd make a donation. She was happy and friendly and agreed to help out.