Class hangout

Date: 8/7/2017

By jameslecong

I dreamed of my class hanging out together. We strated from PTNK and moved somewhere, like a highway(which felt similar to our yearbook capturing trip). We went into a store nearby, which sold surprisingly cheap food(eg. 1vnd for 2 Melino ice-creams, and many more). Those food, however, were not I was allowed to eat due to my sickness. When I come inside the store, it was dark outside; but when I come back out, it was dawn. Before I go inside the store, there were still many friends of mine chatting on where to go; but when I come out, there was only Long, Nhân(my cr), Cam and some other. The first two guys have quite a bulked body, and Nhân was leaning his big chest against Long's back. I asked where our friends were, and was told that they have gone on without us. Then I saw Thụy Anh, Phương Anh and Khôi riding his bike past us. I was sad thinking why they left me behind, and put my arm on Nhân's chest(which felt comfortable af) to desperately reach out to the sun