The murdering butcher vs me and my immortal friends

Date: 7/31/2019

By Tjika

I was in some sort of warehouse. I don't exactly remember the first part of this dream, but I'm pretty sure I spend most of it running away from a creepy murdering butcher. I remember I saw the body of a friend chopped up hanging from a wall, neatly seperated into two head parts, a body underneath and two loose arms and legs dangling next to it. I knew it had been the butcher who'd done this, and that I'd end up like that too if he caught me. Quite soon though it turned into a chase where I could properly see him. The butcher was covered in blood and rust and held a huge butchers knife. Somewhere he caught up with me and forced me down a tight staircase to a poorly lit basement. He didn't murder me, or tried to, right away. He was waiting for my friends who had been seperated from me during the chase. I tried to escape while he was busy getting my friends, but he easily caught me again. When my friends were finally caught in the staircase there were suddenly all kinds of spikes and sharp metal edges. The butcher playfully bashed my friends' heads into the spikes and their bodies into the sharp metal edges and laughed. My friends surprisingly did not seem to care much. They seemed more annoyed than in pain, like some high school sports team that just lost a match. They didn't die, I barely even saw wounds and was not surprised myself. After all, I knew me and my friends were immortal. He had an actual proper torture chamber in his dungeon and was now planning to torture me and my friends for fun. We all just kind of sighed at the idea though. Still I knew we could feel pain to some extend and seeing a friend being cut up by a butcher is never fun, even if they're immortal. Luckily the dream ended before he could do anything.