Flying German Shepherd

Date: 3/25/2019

By Imetaphor

I'm staying in a house near a cool beach where kids hang out with a midway. Tom and I go near sunset. He wants to go in for a quick swim before sunset and he convinces his older German friend and one other friend he meets to swim too. I stay behind and watch. I'm with Joe. He's at the house he used to live in getting mail. I copy down some numbers to help him out. We're careful not to be seen by the guard dog, a highly trained German Shepherd. I'm the last one to make it to the van that Joe drives as I run, jump, and try to stay in the passenger seat. The dog is running after us and our accelerator is too slow. I'm safely inside. Tactically, Joe lets the dog run up on the roof then stops. The dog goes flying and spinning like a doll in a videogame with bad physics, like our van roof hit it. It lands about 100 yards in front of us after hitting a tree. We're all suddenly very compassionate, is if we know and love this dog. We park to try to help it. However, the doors and windows are finnickey. They're held in place with putty. They often get stuck. But I'm the expert and I use the van's built in lube dispensers. I get mad at one of our mentally slow passengers for wasting the lube and using it to try to clean his clothes.