sexual much?creepy

Date: 6/15/2017

By jazzyfaae

my dream today was that me and Alexis planned on kicking it and i told him meet me here but i had my sister and he was like ok he meets me and we take he gives me a kiss and my sistee gets in the back seat i go in the front he drives to a house that looks like an apartment but its haunted and me and him wanna hug and cuddle but my sistee is right there so were like hm. and we go inside the house but it looks like a haunted house like a remake of the conjuring and i was wit my boyfriend n sister and we were gonna rent a room but he left somewhere real quick and i was w my sister and the ghost said nothing will happen aslong as follow a rule they had and i did and i was w some girl that was a lesbian and she wanted to do some things but my sistee was there and i was confused and.Thats really it