Date: 2/21/2017

By druyan

I'm at my university and my friend Michelle from back home comes up to me while I walk to class. I'm,surprised and excited to see her, but I also really have to get to class so I tell her I can either give her my keys to hnag out at my apartment, or she can come to class with me. she wants to come to class with me. it's a research methods class and boring as hell. my professor is different tho, she looks like Betsy DeVos. class is over and Michelle and I get on the elevator (the room is in the basement of the building and there are no stairs). it's me, michelle, my professor, another male professor and two male students. the male professor presses this weird, ornate button and says "hold on"and the elevator starts spinning. its past the point of being like a fun roller coaster and staring to hurt my ears. it's terrifying. finally it stops and we're all wearing each others clothes, which the male professor says is a side effect from travelling through dimensions. we get out and we're at a pool. it's a typical, public swimming pool. in dizzy and trying to find a chair, but I fall in the pool. I sink like a rock and I'm waiting for the bottom of the pool so I can kick and push off to get to the surface, but it's a LOT deeper than it looked. I start to panic and try to swim up, but my foot hits something hard and sharp, like a cluster, or a crab. I manage to swim up and get out of the water. a GORGEOUS black woman with silver hair. takes us to a room where there's a massive window, I'm talking two hundred feet tall and wide. the woman,is speaking to us, but i cant understand her. she flips a switch and what's behind the window illluminates. it's an aquarium. there are,massive sharks, manta rays, whales, beautiful fish, corals. think of the most beautiful aquarium you've seen, but add in a forest in the background. theres redwood sized trees and plants. in the center of it all, at the far back, is a statue of a woman sitting. she looks like an elf from Lord of the rings, ethereal and peaceful. at her head, though, theres a big dent. I realized that thsts where my foot had hit. this is an underground view of the pool I had fallen in. the woman looks at Michelle and I and says, "Quelqu'un doit la réparer pour que vous puissiez rentrer chez vous." One of you has to fix her, so you can go home. I volunteer and before I dive in, the woman says, in French but I can remember how she worded it, "the water makes you think you can stay forever' meaning that the water makes you think you can breathe and stay when you really only have 4 minutes like normal. I hug Michelle and dive in. I can see like I'm wearing goggles, which is pretty rad. now I'm hyper aware of those giant sharks of seen earlier. this "pool" is it's own world and i really wish I could draw, he said for was GORGEOUS. I dive down and the statue opens its eyes. she points upward to what looks like a door, just floating. I want to look for the crystal, but also don't want to piss her off. so,i open the door and it leads to a,dining room with an ornate table. there's so much delicious looking food, it's a feast. but ive seen too many fantasy movies to want to eat anything. I remember that even though I don't feel like I'm drowning, I need to hurry because I only have like 2 minutes left until I die. I turn away and swim to the crystal. the statue gets PISSED and starts swiping at me, creating whirlpools and currents I can't swim out of because she's fucking huge. I somehow,manage to swim to the surface to breathe, and take a second before diving down again. I jump on the back of a manta ray and it takes me to the crystal and through some miracle I manage to put it back,on this kissed off statues forehead and alright when I've put it back, I wake up.