Quadruple Family

Date: 6/8/2019

By briannagio

I was watching a show about a family who had two daughter’s, two sons and a third daughter that they had sort of taken in as their own. They were on vacation at some amusement park. When the family got in the car to leave the park, I became the daughter that they had taken in. The girl that was their fake daughter before was now their third daughter instead. The mom was driving us in an SUV; one daughter was sitting in the mom’s lap, one was in the passenger seat, and the third daughter and I were in the back. I wondered why the one in the mom’s lap didn’t just sit in the middle seat in the back. Suddenly, Mrs. Rachel was the mom, Renee was in the front seat, Nicole was in the back with me, and the daughter in the mom’s lap was gone. Renee, Nicole and I were talking about funny memories that we all had. We got to this house that was supposed to be my sister Nicole and Devon’s house. They had just redecorated, so Nicole was showing me and my dad around. The kitchen was mostly white with some red decor here and there. The rooms connected to the kitchen were decorated the same way. My mom stopped at the house and came into the kitchen. She said “I came in here to see the ‘C’ that I got you,” and there was a big wooden ‘C’ on their fridge that was supposed to be for their last name [Devon’s last name is Vitucci]. I turned to my mom and said, “you just wanted to come in here to see the decorations. Why did you have to make a up a lame excuse?” I went into a little den where they had the TV on. There was a clip of The Simpson’s on of two little kids wearing bee costumes and they were with a guy in a lab coat. The kids in the bee costumes said something about sex and I was really shocked by this because I knew children waiting in line for the ride would hear this. I found a computer and started looking through the dreams that I have written on this app. Then I found a link to an old Outsiders fanfic that Renee wrote and I started crying-laughing. I called Renee and Nicole in to show them, and Renee started crying and screaming of embarrassment. [in the dream, I snorted while I was laughing, and I woke myself up with a snort out loud]