iNSaNiTY school?

Date: 4/17/2017

By Zaveidfan123

I remember in this dream last night, I went insane and my mom gave me a ticket to iNSaNiTY school. I had went to the road and held up the ticket. A strange school bus appeared and I got on it. There was only one stop and nobody else got on it. Our driver was an anthro raven. When the bus stopped, I got off and ran into the mansion ahead. Several people resembling the Creepypastas stopped to look at me. "No, Jeff." A voice sighed. "She's here now." "My girlfriend is here?" Jeff had asked. The dream seemed to space out as if there were a time jump and I was sitting with Ben DROWNED, Jeff, Laughing Jack, Pinkamena, and Lost Silver. We were sitting in a circle of armchairs around Slenderman and he was telling us a story in the library of the mansion. (Of course, I was snuggled against Jeff). Time seemed to skip in the dream and my dream had ended when I was playing around in the mansion grounds. An oddly nostalgic feeling flooded me as the same bus arrived and another person got off of it.