Something's different about him

Date: 8/2/2019

By Ryleedreams

So sone friends and I were at the mall hanging out at the cafeteria. Although it was weird cause it seemes like the cafeteria was packed full and most of the people I recognized. I wentto go sit by one of my closer friends but before I got there another friend of mine asked me to sit down with her at a table full of people, some I did and some I didn't know, I sat in between my friend and another friends boyfriend. We were all eating lunch and talking, having a good time. After awhile I realized my friends boyfriend left, I didn't care and took the opportunity to talk to her (the friend who's boyfriend left). I started to get this odd feeling and for some reason decided to check my bag, specifically my wallet and saw my gas card was missing. Panicked I told my friends and that I thought it was the boyfriend because he was by my bag. Right after my and a different friend went to find him and when we did he ran. Finally I cornered him and demanded the card back but he said he didn't have it. After that it's a bit hazy but mostly me trying to find the card until I eventually woke up.