Digital art, He watched as Christopher McCarty dragged out a weakened, maimed kid and proceeded to beat and abuse him, only to then be captured and enslaved himself.

Getting enslaved?

Date: 5/31/2019

By jakemclare

I was hanging out with this group of kids from my school, Christopher McCarty is the only one I can remember however. He brings this kid out from his house, he looks all weak and maimed. He begins abusing the kid, kicking him and prodding him with sticks and stuff like that. Apparently Chris owned slaves for the sole purpose of torturing them. Then, he captures me and I become one of his slaves. He starts hitting me, kicking me, stuff like that. Then he brings out this giant wooden bat that had a big glass bulb on the end and proceeded to smash it on me. Then he began stabbing me with the broken shards. At this point I try to limp away and this is where I wake up.