900 lbs life

Date: 1/27/2017

By jaiddreams00

I only have a permit so I have to drive with someone who's had a liscene for 7 years or more.... Anyway on to the dream.... I was driving up to Bonney lake and if you've even been you have to drive up a big hill in sumner with no turn around I proceeded up the hill and to the destination to where there was a van parked with trash outside of it. The lady whom I was driving with got out and gestured me and my brother out of the car as well. Then, we walked up to the van and there was a 997 pound man inside the back seat approximately my brother sat in row 2 of 3 and I sat in the front passenger seat as the lady examined the man in row 3 of the van. After a while all of a sudden a lady appeared who was walking her dog off a leash came up the dog was rabid and trying to attack me I finally got the passenger door closed and the dog went for the 2nd row and the lady I came with pepper sprayed the dog and shut all the doors and I jumped to the drivers seat and drove away. The lady with the dog jumped in our car and drove after us ( I'm assuming it was our car) and followed up down to the Sumner hill and I got to the last spot to pull off but I couldn't turn around due to the center piece guarding the other side of the road. And due to the fat guy in the back the brakes barley worked so I stayed pulled off to the side cause I knew If we went down the hill we would die. So I called my mom and she told me to through the fat guy out and get out of there... But then I woke up from the dream and that's all I remember