Dreamception - Cursed school

Date: 12/18/2016

By richilye

I was arriving at my new school, It looked nice, I don't remember having seem a school like that before, really cool dark creepy looking corridors and Hall, the class rooms were brighter and kinda of welcoming. I think it was Math class when I arrived, It had around 18 people in that class, I took the back seat on the rightest row. An Unpopular guy did something not so much cool or uniqur, I don't remember what he did, but it made him popular, and people started liking him. The teacher gave us a Test, it was easy for me, so I finished 1st than everyone and then fell asleep. -Everything was looking realistic and making sense up until that point- I started dreaming about that school, I was in my classroom and wentt to talk to that popular guy, he ignored me, then a guy appeared out of nowhere with a bottle of frozen water, he opened it and it started spilling out and wetting the floor, then another guy came and gave the popular guy a bottle of frozen water as well, I told him to becareful not to spill it 'cos the teacher would be mad at him later, and everyone was still ignoring me, then he did the same think, they waited until the water stopped spilling out, and then started drinking it. I went back to my seat. Then my teacher called me, I looked at her, but she hasn't said a thing, then she called me again "Richilye, wake up". Then I realised I was dreaming, then I tried waking up before she got angry, but I couldn't, I tried talking with her and apparently I was speaking whenever I spoke in my dreamception, Then I tried using my technique of closing my eye in the dream and openning it in the real world, it didn't work. Then I told my teacher that I couldn't wake up and that I was dreaming about the class, then she said something about me having to find a way out of there, because this school would imprison me in the dream world. I went out of my class and fell in front of the bathroom, then I looked up and it was the girl's bathroom, I didn't want to people thinking that I was a perverted, so I moved a bit to the left in front of the boys's bathroom, then I got up and looked inside,and it didn't had those peeing baskets, it was a normal bathroom, but the feminine bathroom had, I got a bit confused and went out of the school. Then I came across a road cross with some trash in the middle, then an Old woman came and bought then from me, I don't remember what she gave me, but it was something better than money. Then I found some dolls and was gonna put then for sale as well, then someone talked to me and gave me a star, I used the star and flew up. A cutscene started with a guy narrating, and images like those u see in manga showing up and representating what he was saying "Then he flew up to fight the bad witch, the battle was quick,he was victorious and escaped the realm." Then a cutscene started showing a guard/cop in front of the school looking up and then he said with a softer voice than the narrator,but it was kinda similar "I hope he escaped the dr world" dr stands for dream, that was what appeared in the subtitles, then the dream ended.