Pirate ship/quest on beach/BFF

Date: 6/7/2017

By madnewman13😼

First part of my dream involved my old principle from my old school that I had just graduated from sent me on a quest on the beach to find a secret shell. The truth is I couldn't find it bc it was so small. The second part was about my old classmates from my old school and I had built our very own pirate ship. We were sailing it across my make up north. Kids from around the lake saw us and we're jealous and frustrated when we said that they were not "cool enough" to come on. So they stated throwing rocks at us. It was not such a happy ending. And the last part of my dream I met young Annaleise who is now going in tenth grade. We used to be good friends before she graduated before me. But anyways I did something super nice for her and she wanted to be my best friend. It was a nice dream. 😊