Lucid flyer

Date: 3/14/2019

By Deanren1981

My dream's are getting more crazier the older I get. That's totally not a bad thing though. After all, the crazier my dream's are, the better they are. But not always. Anyway. Every lucid dream I've ever had, I've always flew. The lucid dream's I had as a kid were plenty. Loads a week, as I remember. Now though, I'm lucky to have 10 a year. I'm feeling that number will decrease the older I get. I'm 38 now, and the decline in lucid dream's are definitely changing how I am as a person. As my lucid dream's, just like all my other dreams, have always guided me, and helped me as a person. My lucid dreams more so, as they're powerful dreams, as I call them, and they not only show me my past, and present. But my future too. I feel free when I'm in my lucid dream's. I can world build, and create whatever I want. I can see nearly everyone I want. Nearly! As there are certain people who I can't see. People like my father, who died in 2012. For some reason I can't see his face. Speaking of 2012. My world did end that year. So did the lives of my family. For obvious reasons. The lucid dream's I had that year were crazy. I really did feel the world was gonna end. Its hard to describe. I felt such a powerful feeling all that year. I couldn't get it out of my mind, and it scared me. Then my father died, then it all made sense. It baffles me though, why I can't see my fathers face!?! Anyway. I just thought I'd say hello, as I'm new to the app. I'll be documenting my dream's from now on. Plus I'll be putting some of my old dream's on, as I've wrote loads of my old dream's down in journals. Thanks for reading. 😎👍