Date: 4/1/2017

By shooonas

I was sitting in an airplane to Finland. The journey was pretty long. During the flight I fell a sleep. In my sleep I dreamed that I was in The Walking dead and killed zombies. I was one of the lesbian girls. We were about to go on a scavage hunt and suddenly there was a huge tornado and also small tornados surrounding us. I got into one and were thrown super high up in the air. At that point I realized I'm going to die but I tried to find something I could use there were other people doing the same thing and some had parachutes. I found a bag and tried to open it, but I got closer and closer to ground and hit the bottom. When I hit the bottom I woke up and was back in the airplane. We were soon going to land in Finland and the cabin crew told us to look outside. Before we landed there was this mockup hoots with "Finish" traditional architecture that looked like Indians were living.