Date: 3/11/2019

By Scootermango202

so I’ve been tryna lucid dream for awhile but than I decided it was time to actually start doing reality checks (I did g really think it would work) so all day I looked dumb because I was tryna poke my finger through my hand but when I went to sleep I was at my moms business and I went to a mirror and suprisingly I looked pretty normal but than I looked down at my hands and I poked my finger through my hand and it actually went through after that I tried to hover and I did so than I was like screw it and I picked up a jar of candy and threw it at a few customers and they scattered as if it was a video game and they kinda shouted at me but nothing more. This kinda excited me and I felt myself breathing hard but I pulled myself back in, I than hovered in the air and went over to my mom and she wasn’t surprised I was hovering at all, I than flew outside and flew towards the sky I knew where I wanted to go but I didn’t know how to get there so I flew up high and than went down and hit the ground but than I kinda fell out of lucidity probably because I was waking up from my loud breathing and I don’t remember what happened afterwards