Camping trip, dream within that trip, deja vu,now im a rabbit.

Date: 2/24/2017

By headFeed

Im at a camping trip for my uni for the weekend. I invite a friend i haven't talked to irl in a long time and we go together. The setting were in appears to be outside and I'm sitting on the mossy ground by a rock. I'm talking to a classmate/student helper from painting class who is tending to the chimney fire. The green/blue/grey mossy outside slowly becomes the inside of a cabin. I say that I like being wild and that I already slept a night in a sleeping bag. The student teacher just says that the facilities here are great. I care more about the fire shes taking care of and ask to take her place. She makes an annoyed noise and walks away saying that I don't know enough a about fires. I say that I've done it before already I notice alot of ants working on the charcoal somehow. Some strange pikmin-like bugs come out of the chimney too, I watch them worlk on breaking down the wood, vring it to the area. I watch this and try to help them out. (did i dream a videk about a successful dinosaor clone and the baby lizard kept biting the wgg?)i atop looking at them, something happens? im not sure how it transitioned. Im at some strange building that I'm going to investigate. I'm a magician that knows any trick and have to investigate a place that people keep disappearing in. I walk through a hallway and theres a wide staircase that spirals down to another floor. The room looks unfinished with weak wood board walls. Something looks strange about the front faces of the stairs and I kneel down to look. I know theres someone at the bottom floor standing there. Suddenly Its very dark. I can only see a corner. It gets a little brighter as my eyes adjust, but everything is mostly a foggy grey. Theres light speckles like theres a window to my right. I see a buzzing buggy figure come towards me and I put my arms in front of me so that It can land on my arms. I think that it's a large beetle and calm down cause I know they are friendly. It's hard to see though because of the thick greyness around me. The bug lands on my arm and i see that it's worm like and pale white. I see its weird mouth touch my skin and i feel sucking. I'm scared and want to wake up. I wake up. (IN my first camping dream.) I say to my classmates there that I'm so glad I could wake up cause I had a bad dream.Im laying in a very small bed against a wall, not a corner. I walk into a different room. i see a classmate from photography here and i feel even more comfortable that i can make some friends. We go to a table and theres alot of alcohol there, I'm just so close to the drinking age that I just think that I wont mention that I cant drink anything and take whats offered. I constantly try to hide the drink that I brought though, which looks too suspicious to me but I just cant risk getting caught at this place because its my universities activity. For some reason my parents are there to check up on me. I have to keep hiding the bag, trying to put stuff on it. They say that the place is nce. I tell them we cant leave the camp but theres some lady who brings us things every 2 hours. Now I'm just voice chatting with my dad (which i never do irl) i want to hurry and end it and theres a couple in the room already telling me to end it while kissing and cuddling and I didnt even realize theyre there. I just go "OHhhh i see i get it sorry" cause I realize now they wanna have sex cause noone else is in the room. I end the call abruptly and clean everything up. for some reason theres pads everywhere, i stuff them into my plastic drawers but the drawers are too small. i messily hide everything so they have a clean place to do it and theyre already naked. im blushing trying to hurry and just say they dont care so i go. theres no door though. its just a walkway to the living area so I try my best to stack things so they have privacy but it fails. I tell them that ill get something better and as i walk away some older looking man walks in quickly before i could stop him. i just hear shuffling and a window opening and closing. I assume its one of their parents. I look outside the living area and some really nice looking cars drive by, i think its the couple with their friends zooming away. theres some guitars on my left and i see one in my view as i watch the cars drive away. I have deja vu. I say that I just had some intense deja vu and then fall to my side onto the guitars? I get up and a man thats some old guitar player/singer is there. (I forgot what he does or says) We go outside. Its the mossy green/grey/blue area again from the beginning. i walk towards a short steep hill that takes us to the exit of this camping area. im a rabbit. this exit has traps everywhere. theres a cat there that keeps telling me that theres traps, i wont be able to leave. i jump up to one of the ledges i try to move forward but realize theres a stepping trap there and go back. every path up is rigged with traps and theres little chainlink fences too. (I actually wake up irl CHOKING and gagging, thats the deepest sleep ive had in a while its like my body forgot how to function and my brain focused only on the dream.) (this happened between 2:18am which was my last tweet before sleeping, and 3:10am when i messaged my friends that i woke up choking) (i fell asleep while writing the top dream) I'm at some mall, theres some kid and something (fuck i forgot?) Im in a dungeon. Im with friends and the place seems to be a zelda game? (theres alot i forgot but vaguely remember farming for something,fighting to get something) Theres moss everywhere but The structure seems to have been marble stone. The moss has violently taken over though. Im in a call with Robert and were exploring the area. (Its like I'm playing a game but also as if its real life) I see a boss area with lava and darkness below but I climb a steep incline up the side of the large room and completely skip it. Theres some strange coin badge loot at the top and I continue on. Now I'm outside and Theres a village market to the right I see some other players walking around (this is in first person now) I tell Robert I found a marketplace and that he can skip the boss and come here. Now I know im playing a game, I'm at my laptop now and I think hey ill put my mic on in game and play my recorder while running around. I use my right hand to press W to move foreard, and V to put the voice on, and I use my left hand for my recorder (i put my right hand at the top holes usually) (i forgot what song i played but i played a specific song) I play a song and run around and hear someone else playing an actual wind instrument through the mic too, sounds like a saxophone. i run up and we play some notes together, it sounds horrible but its fun. The guys avatar is a male elsa and i see words above him. "Not crane cause song" or something that didnt make any sense but i understood it as "were friends, you wont leave because we played a song right?" i start to type a response to him saying that i was planning to explore a little more but my game crashes. Theres a grey screen with a white sentence in the middle, i dont read it and just say to robert that my game crashed and i feel bad for the new friend i made. (thats all i remember)