I can't stay asleep. Help.

Date: 8/1/2017

By Slevin11

I haven't had a lucid dream in a long time and this is the first I had in this way. My only former lucid dream was the result of the FILD technique. At first everything was fine but after a few seconds I could feel myself waking up. I did not previously know it would be a problem and therefor didn't know what to do about it. Later I learned that I should have been rubbing my hands together or feel my surroundings. By the way if you think I woke up because I got overly exited this is probably not the case. In fact, I made sure to keep calm exactly for this reason and it worked. Even as I felt the dream slipping away from me I was able to keep my head cool and not panic. The annoying thing is that in my latest dream (caused by a reality check btw) I tried rubbing my hands together but it didn't work. Hy head did start to hurt slightly and my environment started to shake but I did wake up, and that only after being lucid for a few seconds. It isn't normal for me to wakeup during the night ether so it was definitely caused by my lucidity. I hope someone can help me find a solution for this or even an identification of my problem would be greatly appreciated. To give further detail of the dream. I woke up, did my normal routine to go to school but when I looked at I clock it showed me it was 11:20.(which is long after my school starts) When I saw this I couldn't believe it so I looked at my laptop to check. At first it was difficult to se anything on the screen but after 3-4 seconds I saw the time displayed was 35:40. This of course is impossible so I realized I was dreaming. After I became lucid I took a moment to be proud of myself not thinking about what happened in my last lucid dream. After a few moments I started to wake up. This time I thought I was prepared and started rubbing my hands. Carefully at first because I read strange thing could happen when you used this technique. For me this entailed a slight headache combined with blurry and shaky vision nether of witch I liked. The promised effect of a prolonged slumber remained absent though. When I woke up I was sleepy and annoyed but the headache was gone.