Run and Hide So She Can't Find You

Date: 8/22/2017

By Mewtrixster

The dream is a little hazy so I can't exactly remember why I was running, but I know for sure that I didn't follow one of the schools rules.My Spanish teacher, Mrs C, was chasing me through the halls of my high school. Except it wasn't really my high school... The hallways were black and wood making a feeling of "lawyer" and instead of stairs there were elevators.But anyways, the chase was not threatening at all.It was kind of comedic and fun. At times I would see her standing and taking with the teacher of my next class and I would have to turn around and hunch my shoulders.Sometimes she would spot me and I would have to break a run for it.I would always be able to lose her but at one time she had caught me on the elevator and I had nowhere to run.But as the door started to close I ran for and cut her off, leaving me home free. It was at this point however that my cat woke me up and I couldn't continue it any further :(