Meeting Her

Date: 7/4/2017

By KristanLeigh

My dream last night was a little...uncharacteristic of me, to say the least. I had a dream which I can only recall bits and pieces of for now. In the dream, I was going to meet Her. We were making plans--I'm not sure if that fell through or not though. For some reason, I was in a weird restaurant which had granola chocolate everywhere and for some reason I was eating a whole bowl of it (in reality, I'm not a big fan of chocolate). It was also apparently the MPF section of my old base at Creech, though it looked more like a cracker barrel gift shop. I remember trying to make plans with Her, but I don't know if we ever figured out something solid. I do know that I remember wanting to be around her. I remember wondering if she still loved me. I think she might. That's all I remember.