The captive

Date: 5/3/2017

By ThePhantom

My aunt was in a sort of love triangle. The one who wasn't Peter (real husband, fake name) seemed to be a better person overall, but he made a mistake. When approaching a door to leave, he looked back to her and commented that he was looking forward to sharing a bed with her, under the same roof as the kids (she had kids who were only mentioned, although she has none in real life) . However, Peter was listening. He decided to brew a poison disguised as cocktail, and requested me to play along. I pretended to take a sap and said it was all good, and he said to the victim that he should worry not, for the odd flavour he would taste was due to the Tabasco in its composition. Somehow this murder happened several times in my dream, most of which I can't remember anything but flashes. But there is another one that I will come back to later. Now there is some obscured memory of hopping in a spacecraft to outer space (I watched the trip from an outside perspective) in order to "get my important stuff" (no idea what it was) because for some reason related to the murder I would not be able to go out there anymore. I did it 3 times, the last it seemed like the space craft could hold no more, but it managed to get me to the ground. I went to Lionel's house to look for a charging cable for my phone, it was all that was left for my moving bag. But getting there a mixed feeling of "I had already looked for this cable here" and "he seems happy to have someone visiting, I can't just ask for a cable and leave" made me stay. After some talking, a footage of the murder played on TV. it was the previously mentioned one. They were both confronted by a huge group of policeman in a 5ish stories building. When one of them shot, the whole building burst into flames. Now it cuts to another footage of the same event, but from the outside. It starts showing a sort of lesser officer abusing power, then heading in just to be stopped by the explosion. He tried to run away, but the guy who was abused knocked him down and ran. The camera follows the man, who gives a badass movie look to the camera, and cut. I said to him that the reason of my visit was to ask if he knew this man. He said he didn't , however he had someone else to show me. He went to the back room and came back with someone who he was keeping as a prisoner, under heavy doses of acid. His face had no skin, and the underlying structure appeared to melt. "It" didn't stop screaming for a moment as it attempted to hurt its torturer, but it had no strength in its arms which were soft in a bad way. Leashed by the neck, the beast was played with by its master, who allowed it to get close to me from time to time. Until, yes, until it managed to get a huge bite out of Lionel's back, which incapacitated the latter just to give energy to the former. I jumped right away through an already broken windows and hopped into my car, as I attempted to put the reverse gear it got closer and I woke up. I hope I learned from this dream to always leave my car facing the exit.