Digital art, In a sprawling apartment reminiscent of the Mortal Instruments series, a dreamer walks down a hallway, encountering familiar characters like Clary and her brother before assisting a sick friend in changing his shirt, leading to an unexpected kiss.

The Apartment

Date: 1/23/2017

By Hikertrash48

This is a dream I had a few years ago. I was walking down a hallway of an apartment (think of the one from Mortal Instruments City of Lost Souls). As I was making my way down the hallway I noticed that Clary (mortal instruments again) and her brother were in a room. I thought it odd that we shared an apartment but it was a big apartment though. Someone stopped me and asked where my moms room was. I showed him to her room a little ways down the hallway. He explained that he needed to grab her an outfit so they could go out that night. I walked out and made my way to another room back the way I came. I stepped into a room where a really close friend was staying in. I could tell he was ill though he looked perfectly fine despite being rather pale. He was awake so I decided to help him change his shirt (he had on a button up dress shirt). So I start unbuttoning it and he just looked at me and said "I can dress myself." I replied with "I know." As I said that he grabbed ahold of my shirt and kissed me.

AI generated interpretation Based on your dream, there are several symbolic elements and emotions present that can be analyzed and interpreted. The apartment in your dream represents a space of transition and personal exploration. It symbolizes the different aspects and experiences of your life. This can suggest that you are currently going through a period of self-discovery and growth. The presence of Clary and her brother from the Mortal Instruments series could indicate that you have been influenced by certain fictional characters or narratives. It suggests that elements from your imagination or external sources have seeped into your dream world, reflecting the impact they have on your thoughts and emotions. When someone asks you for directions to your mother's room, it suggests a need for assistance or guidance in a maternal or nurturing aspect of your life. This may indicate a desire for support and comfort in the challenges you are currently facing. Entering your friend's room and noticing his illness, despite his outward appearance of being fine, reveals hidden emotions or issues within yourself or within your relationship with this friend. The friend symbolizes a close confidant or support system in your waking life. The illness represents a hidden vulnerability or emotional struggle that you may perceive in yourself or in your connection with this person. Your attempt to assist your friend by helping him change his shirt suggests your desire to provide support and care. However, his resistance to your help and assertion that he can "dress himself" may indicate a need for independence or a reluctance to accept help, even when it's needed. The unexpected kiss at the end of the dream suggests a deeper emotional connection with your friend. The kiss may symbolize a desire for intimacy or a longing for a closer bond. It can also represent a merging of emotional energies or a need for emotional reciprocity. Overall, this dream reflects your journey of self-discovery and growth, as well as your desire for support, guidance, and deeper emotional connections in your life. It may suggest a need to explore and address hidden vulnerabilities or emotional struggles within your relationships.