I turned into a Vampire...weird

Date: 1/30/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

I was walking around Nashville and I made a wrong turn and I tried to turn around but there was no where me to go. And guy comes out shadows and he asked me "are you lost?" And I said "yes I am lost can you help me?" He nods and takes my hand and pulls me into the shadows " where do you need to go sweetheart?" He looks at me and I realize eyes are blood red " why..why are your eyes red?" I ask him he says "I'm hungry you intervene with my dinner" I say nothing for a minute " oh am sorry so what are you going to have for dinner now? " he smiles and flashes me his fangs "well I could have you killed you but I like you so I won't kill you but I will do this" pulls me close and bites into the base of my neck and I scream and moan at the same time and I feel something going through my body than he backs up and I fall down on my knees " what did you do to me?" I say and I trying to catch my breath he smiles with some of my blood on his fangs as well has his venom " I turned you into a vampire welcome to the dark life" and I pass out and he picks me up than I wake up