Internet wrong

Date: 3/14/2017

By obeydream

(Background, if you seen the movie just skip it to the story) Had y'all seen unfriended where a girl dies and her friends are on skype, there celebrating her anniversary of her death and a bunch of stuff happens and all friends die. This is sorta of what happen to me but nobody died, you guys may thinking that I copied It but no I didn't I dreamed of this after I watched the movie. ( dream starts) I was on my twitter account just to see what's going on, after I about 2 min I get a message from (unknown¿?) and in the message it said "Hello i know where you live, I know you, your name is James, im coming" and i regret reading the message (NEVER OPEN A MESSAGE OR CALL SOMEONE FROM UNKNOWN) so I turned of jt computer and I got the message on my phone "I know your in your room" I get a call from the phone downstairs and I go downstairs and answer it, I didn't know what was I thinking, when I answered it, all you hear is static. I look behind and a tall old man with a white suite covered in black paint, he was faceless I was terrified, scared, I ran to my room and unfortunately my door didn't have a lock so i moved my desk to block my door. I kneel down and I look up and saw his face BIG BLACK EYES, skinny arms, sharp teeth with a big smile and when I look on the side I saw a lady dress as a nun with BLACK EYES and SHARP teeth and covered in blood and I screamed so loud and thats when I woke up, in fear, sweating like a pig, it was hot in my room