ghost story at school, family turned into birds

Date: 7/20/2017

By headFeed

im at my old highschool and were watching some documentary about this ghost lady, she spreads to different houses, showers specifically. i remember an image of her when she was alive, standing infront of her house by the door with her parents, its at a house i used to pass everyday on the way home from highschool. by the beach with lots of potted flowers. im terified about this documentary and tell the teacher i dont want to watch it, and leave the class. i realize that i went to class in my pajamas, the same exact pajamas im wearing in bed.. im showering, the floor is a dark stone and so are the walls, the ceiling is high up and theres vines. i finish showering and goet out of this huuuuuugge shower room that can also go outside through this metal bar gate. theres sheep outside in the rain. i leave but noone seems to be home. in my towel i go call out to ask if anyones home and go to this device that turns all the lights on, and opens the gate to the living/kitchen. idk how to use it and its super dark. something kinda fuzzy lands on the back of my shoulder. i decide not to freak out, its probably like a bat or bird or moth. i get one light on and its a little green mejiro bird. i get vibes from it that its my dad. he uses his beak to press the buttons and opens the gate for me. he turns the lights on and i look around to see where everyone else is. everything in our house feels kind of wet and rock-like. i see one of my cats, and another, and then my mom shows up, and my dad turns back into a human again. then they explain to me that they went to this insurance place and they got turned into birds. they had to wait to turn back but it doesnt make sense that i didnt get turned and the cats did?? (fell asleep again) my first dream continues, school is over and im waiting for the bus in a very narrow road, im sitting on some brick wall and theres plants everywhere, a forest infront of me blocked off by a metal fence. were all sitting on the brick planter thing, theres a lady next to me with a child that keeps sitting on my lap and i keep pushing it off of me. its hair is very realistic like a soft babies head and im really grossed out that it keeps trying to sit on my lap even though i dont even know it, so i get up and stand very far from where the busses come to get away. it looks like it finished raining. the busses start to come, i ask my friend klara which bus she takes and she says some funny word like "innit" or something and the bus is labeled as that. she misses it and i tell her to just get on any bus, they wont care. my bus is #17. i get in. were taken to another place to wait to be picked up again?? were waiting and then suddenly theres these planes, like ✈️ looking plans that have colorful large baskets hanging of of them, they hover over us and were expected to get on them. we get in and it looks like a bus inside. were riding a boat now? and were told that were being taken to mexico?? i object that i just want to go home. the military insists that we get sent to mexico so they can transfer us to the us by land. i really dont want this so i try to annoy the hell out of the driver by pressing the "this is my stop" button thing. i just keep pressing it and the driver ends up being on our side. he starts to drive us home so i try to contact my mom whos on a different bus, i tell her what to do and then tell my friend klara what to do. something bad happens. idk what, some crash. i wake up washed up on a beach, piled ontop of hundreds of others. its cold. were all whales? i assume that were at the very southern part of south america. i move closer to land and look at the others, lots of them arent waking up. they look like sashimi now. others who have waken up are eating the ones assumed dead. im human now. im with my mom and little brother. i hear a man at the entrance of this concrete building many people have taken refuge in. im hoping that its my dad. a bald unknown man comes in and says hes full. i assume that he ate the sashimi whale people. he talks about how he collected alot of the necklaces and bracelets the people who died were wearing, he shows me and i see my dads necklace wrapped around his wrist. i grab it and climb ontop of him and start beating him violently. im crying. he ate my dad. im beating him senseless. i wake up well rested and happy?