A Date in a Cabin, Odd Uber Driver

Date: 5/23/2019

By Falcon1997

So, I had visited a cabin in the middle of the woods that I believe my parents owned. I do remember that throughout the dream the cabin had sort of shifted form. It was filled with strangers but over time became smaller and smaller, almost as small as a living room. One of my friends from high school was also there. A man who I'd never seen before and his sister has come to stay also. The sister was extremely attractive and I began to flirt. She was strawberry blonde, taller and thin, but looked homey. She had freckles and smelled nice if I remember correctly. We were talking about plans for the futures, graduate degrees and whatnot. We stepped in a room to make out but I promptly spilt wine on the floor and we spent time cleaning it up. I can't remember too much else. I woke up but went back to bed. I found myself in a town that reminded me of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. My friend was running some sort of WWII exhibit and at once point I was acting as some sort of bouncer trying to coral people through the front doors. The same woman was there and we talked more, but after learning more about her I found myself a bit less attracted. Nevertheless we decided to go out and have some fun at a new restaurant at the edge of town. We took and Uber but for some reason I had taken my shoes off and left them in the vehicle. I called the Uber driver to see if I could get them back. She refused but told me that some had left some heart medication that I could have for some reason. I found myself in a Subway towards the end of my dream. I was reading a book and I'd spilt a bunch of sauce on it.