Ruining My Shirt 😡

Date: 4/18/2017

By AbbyK

So my grandma brings home this sparkly hair dye and my sister wants to try it. She puts a big streak of this purple dye on her hair and she asks me to get her a comb so I do. When I come back, she has this purple and blue dye all over my shirt that she was borrowing. It was my new light orange with 3 white stripes shirt. I told her that she was getting dye all over it and that she needed to take it off and she looked me right in the eye and smeared more on the shirt. I told my grandma that she was ruining my shirt and she made her take it off and wash it. But when I went to go get it, it had been stained so there were still purple and blue spots on there. It made me so mad.