elevators & dorms & uzi

Date: 12/28/2019

By rembrandt

had another one of those scary elevator dreams again. I was with alexis and got a dm from lil uzi vert on ig, he said he wanted to hang out. i was so excited bc he seemed to nice and pure. the cutest. alexis thought it was to have sex but i told her what!? uzi doesn’t do that. it was to just have fun. anyways, he said i could come anytime after 12 and before 3. i got caught up running errands around nyc, which sometimes turned into dc. everything started to get scary when i was trying to find my old dorm room in district house, i asked a lady who worked there for help getting to my room, but i could barely remember my room number only that it was on the 8th floor and i lived with shuwen (odd, bc i saw zoe in my dream as my roomate) she had graduated but her friends were sitting at a table on the ground level i ran up to them and asked what dorm did she live in last year? they ignored me and one of them even said don’t tell her. then i explained who i was and someone told me the room number. i was so offended by that one girl who said don’t tell her, bitch what the fuck? anyway i got the room number, it was 816, and the door code was 17196 (gwradio door code funnily). i was trying to find the right elevator upstairs but i ended up getting on the wrong one. all of the buttons were letters and not numbered floors. and the elevator went diagonally not straight up. two other people in the elevator a boy and girl were angry at me cuz i pressed a button that took them in the wrong direction, i explained to them i hadn’t used this building since they renovated it. they understood. i also told them how i was supposed to meet uzi soon, but probably wouldn’t make it cuz how long this shit was taking w finding my old dorm and elevator. idk what reason i needed to find my old dorm. to find something i left there, but apparently i’d moved out like 2 years ago so idk what made me go back and think whatever i needed was still there. at one point i went up this extremely long escalator and was trying to get by people, but it was so narrow i got stuck next to that ginger kid who dm’d me on facebook. lmao it was awkward but i just stood there. then once we all got to the top somehow we were at the bottom again, and a gate was closing downwards and we all rushed to run under it before it closed, i could barely fit. but i made it thru. that was just the process to get into my old dorm building. ridiculous. anyway, back to the uzi info. i was debating whether or not i should text him and tell him i won’t be able to come till 2. or ask him if he was still down to even hang out. in the first place. either way, i needed to get out of the dorm building bc it was driving me insane. i eventually got to my old dorm room, which looked a lot like my current dorm. i went in my old room, and it was bare empty. nothing i needed there. but apparently that didn’t matter? i wrote down the room number and door code in my phone notes. some other girl/roomate was there my door was slightly cracked open so i could see her. the crazy thing is, the room i was in was the one my current roomate next to me resides in, so the girl in the crack, in the room next door might have been me. maybe i saw myself. it’s also weird because one of my roommates is moving out, not the one next to me, but still. anyways then i woke up, and i never got to see uzi. i was pissed.