Die at school??

Date: 2/25/2019

By dani.elaa

So i had a choir concert that u was not prepared for. Theres 2 different choirs and we combined for 2 songs. So we were all on stage but got some reason i had gotten off the stage and when. I tried to get back on i couldn't like as if it was too tall and i couldn't reach the stairs, idk. But so there's these stairs on the side of the stage that kinda hidden by a brick wall, so i was like of maybe i should use those,so as u walked up there, the choir had already began, and my director was like just wait till they're done then join them, but there was this cop there too who yelled at me to go to the other side of the stage where the other stairs were. So everyone was looking at me, they were done singing and i had to get back on the stage, i somehow manage to climb the stage and got on. We sa g and in the middle of us singing that same cop interrupted us to evacuate the school grounds. So we were all excited that the concert was over so i had to got back to a classroom to get my stuff but as i walked back i saw this boy run out of the boys bathroom butt naked i saw everything! I was so confused cuz he wasn't in the choir then a few minutes later, i guess i just stood there, two girls were on their knees bawling as two officers comforted them, i dont know how but i just knew someone had died.