20 april 2017

Date: 4/20/2017

By verisiel

at a school, in english class but i was at front w teacher, we got distracted and started talking and getting excited over theater. with two other guys, they were my friends, one of them was jade. I was playing his music in a weird car(?) that was very high and open. I asked his if it was weird for him to listen to his own music, he said that it was so i gave him my phone and said play whatever you want. When i got my phone back, i treasured the music that he chose to play. In a train w my parents. George rr martin is there. I talk with him. I have my book w me and i plan on him signing it, but something my dad does doenst allow me to. Martin leaves and it was too late. I get very very mad. I leave the train and am wonderinv through the mall alone. i feel like i have to push the walls to get myself moving forward.