Beach Fun

Date: 7/8/2017

By lightsleeper

I went to the beach with friends. There were five of us, but the only one I can remember clearly is Izzy, yet she isn't really my friend. Anyways, we paid for a large blanket on the beach. It was massive, with an oversized umbrella to shade it. The umbrella was at an angle that it didn't really help much though, and I laid in the sun tanning while my friends were complaining. Then I went into the water, which was shallow, but there was a flag up so I couldn't go into it. There were flags everywhere. The place was so restricted. When I got back to the blanket and laid down, there were a group of guys playing volleyball around it. I don't know if I knew any of them besides Ben. They were hitting the ball over my body while I had my eyes closed. At one point I opened my eyes and the ball had been hit too low, just above my head but too close to the ground for Ben, who was standing behind me, to catch it. I caught it and threw it to Ben, who was impressed. There was an ice cream truck so everyone went to get ice cream, but Ben said he didn't want any and asked me if I wanted some. I didn't, so we stayed back together. The next thing I remember I'm on top of him on the beach, kissing him and confessing how much we find each other attractive. It was sunset.