Reycats accomodation

Date: 8/2/2017

By jaylawrence

There was this girl who sought my help for a job at the tourism office, she wanted an indorsement from mayor reycat, readily i accompanied her at the mayor's office. As we are about to go to him on the second floor, we saw the mayor at the lobby talking to a group of people, we waited for them to part, and afterwards we ambushed mayor reycat while he is walking away with the group, on seeing me, he hug me and we talked about different things. He volunteered to help me personally and talked to the tourism for my concern. We pass through some people, mostly sick people lying in beds near the stairs and corners, and all i can think of that time, was mayor reycat's effort to help us despite of his inconvenient exposure to people who would come to him and ask for money solicitations which of course is not his cup of tea, but he nevertheless walk this way with me.