The strange uncle I never knew I had

Date: 8/16/2019

By evp722

I had another mini dream before this but I don’t remember that part vividly. Something about Greys anatomy characters at some restaurant, and Cristina writing something on the floor, and it was a ceremony of some kind. The super vivid part of my dream started out with me in a hotel room with a character from the show Grey’s Anatomy named April, and a random guy. (April is not really an important part of this dream though). At the start of my dream, I had no idea who this guy is, but I somehow realized that he was my UNCLE, and it all made sense to my dream self (IRL he is not my uncle). I walked over to the bathroom and I was about to put my pajamas on and brush my teeth because it was nighttime. I heard my uncle’s voice saying “It’s late. Do you want my help getting ready for bed?”. I replied “no thanks”, and thought this was a little weird for him to ask me that since I am perfectly capable of getting ready for bed by myself. Somehow, he heard “yes” when I said “no”, and he said “Ok, I’ll be there to help you get ready in a little while”. Then, I had this epiphany that he didn’t really want to help me get ready for bed, he actually was planning to RAPE ME. So I go into the bathroom closet which was an empty white room and locked the door. I noticed another door in the closet, and that other door led to a slightly bigger room that looked the same as the closet, only brighter. I notice a small opening in the room that led to a long white tunnel. I crawled through the tunnel thinking “he’ll never find me here!” I heard, in the distance, my uncle saying “Ok, I’ll be there in a minute!” He kept getting distracted by things I guess. The tunnel then branched off into hundreds of different pathways. I just crawled through a bunch of different tunnels in all different directions at random. I was a little worried I’d get lost, but I was determined to get as far away from this RAPIST STRANGER UNCLE as possible. Suddenly, I somehow fell and landed in the hotel hallway. It looked like a normal hotel hallway, except my point of view was strange because I was still crawling for some reason. I could not remember my room number or floor, and I was afraid I would end up in front of the room that my uncle was in. I just kept crawling and crawling, and I froze in front of room number 176. Then I teleported to the bathroom I was in before. I thought “SHIT, I’m back in my hotel room!” I heard my uncle yell “All right, I’m coming now to help you get ready for bed!” I freaked out and ran into the closet, only this time, I couldn’t lock the door. I opened the door to the room connected to the closet (where I first found the opening to the tunnels), and that door wouldn’t lock either. I planned to go back through the tunnels, but the opening was GONE?! I sat their, hoping he wouldn’t notice the inconspicuous door that I found in the closet. The last thing I remember hearing was heavy footsteps coming nearby. Then... I woke up. I actually woke up hot and sweaty.