Date: 7/23/2019

By mahaley

I was staying at my cousins house but it was more like a labyrinth with a walls the height of a one story mansion and so it was like REALLY musty dusty in there so me a sienna started cleaning it In the dark. And I dont got any night vision or anything so here we are cleaning we got are bug spray and everything. Cole told us there are a bunch of cockroaches ahead which made us more on edge. We continue to clean and then we go back to the start found flash lights so we flashed then in the same place and there are cobwebs everywhere and nothing to be seen. But I dont know why I just knew there are cockroaches gonna be every where but I never saw any yet. So we continue and we stopped cleaning and we saw this crack in the like concrete wall and it was more like a claustrophobic freaking alley and I just now cole was in there for some reason. And then sienna goes in saying give me my dance prize. And he like oh okay okay. Like sienna gonna beat him up. And so he gets the donuts gives it to us and we take them and eat all but one and left the other for him because I felt bad because for some reason I knew his backstory[ he had to keep them in his room with the urge to eat them but couldn't and just kept it safe for sienna] and yeah then Jeremy like appears out of no where and like goes in I think and like wtf is happening at this point because he goes in there like the final piece of a puzzle and from like a different perspective I see a like curved shape go in the gap and then you see that the alley way that's so tightly closed is like gone because they filled in all the space and my thought is: wow perfect for hiding go seek[ yeah] and so Jeremy comes out saying I got more than just skills I can be intelligent too. He gets out of the thing and the gap is there again for got to mention there was a turn and that is where cole is and yee. Okay so Jeremy he likes sits on the CRUSTYY MUSTYYY floor and gets on his phone and starts playing cockroach attractor sounds[ how I know i just do for some reason] his thinking about he put something on that I couldn't see and I just look at him obtaining all his info or something. SAD PART COMING UP: okay so something definitely is going to happen and like we hear the silence to kinda stomping. AND GUESS WHAT. MY FUCKING CAT WOKE ME UP LOVE YOU BUT WTFFFFFF.