one of my childhood dreams finally came true!

Date: 2/20/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

Okay I woke up in a cave but not just any cave a cave under water and I look around I can breathe under water runs I look down were my legs are and I have a tail, a mermaids tail. The color is blue with a hint of gene mixed in with light hint of purple and my hair is longer than it usually is and I have a dress on but it's very light sonot easy for me to swim around in and I have a necklace on and some brackets I think to myself how did I get here? Than I swim out of the cave and I see some merman guarding my cave I think why I swim over to once if the guards "sir why are you guarding y cave for what's going on?" I ask him "well your highness we are protecting you from someone who is determined to kill you so we had to take you away from place home and your family and your Fiancée but we write letters to them so they know your okay" I nod I have a fiancée and am princess okay I live with that. Than he says And also your pet is okay too I look at him "my pet?" He nods than he says " yes your baby white tip shark 🦈 Ans you also have a pet sea turtle 🐢 " they are safe in good hands " may I go see them?" He nods than takes to were they are my white tip reef shark swims up to me and acts like a puppy hey Ryder how is my boy doing? Than my pet sea trifle swims up how is my aqua doing she nudges me and I smile than I look up at the guard and he is smiling st me but the normal smile its a certain type of smile, I smile back "yes?" He blushes " oh sorry " than he smiles and smells away tuna I wake up