Fuck This Project

Date: 3/3/2017

By kodokushoujo

The dream (from what I can remember) started outside of a school. I'm assuming the teachers had us out there because it was hot and to socialize about our projects assigned to us. The project was to do a research paper about a phenomenon or something you'd change (similar to an invention). I was partnered up with the laziest bastards ever who of course had other ideas in mind (that were vague) or had nothing. I suggested doing it about encryption and better privacy laws here in America. However, it would be pretty pesky because nobody knew how to program so we could build an encrypted open source email service. Nobody wanted to do it so we ended up on our phones or either looking around at others working. I stared at the sky and right above me was a cloud in the shape of a hand with more then 5 fingers but it resembled a hand very well. I told my group to look because it was so vivid and soon as they did it vanished and transformed into a rain cloud which leaked on us a little bit. After everyone was freaked out about the rain cloud, the moon got enlarged like hell..I knew it was fake so I told a girl in my group to look behind her and everyone screamed. It was hilarious yet I don't know how they set the illusion of a larger moon. I started drawing on my friend's (who wasn't in my group but surprising she's my friend from an old school I attented in real life) paper just to mess around with her because I had a crush on her.. she always was the quiet type who enjoyed kpop.