Odd Apartments, Time/Dimension Traveler, Red Eye Goth Girl, Cat in a FishBowl

Date: 2/14/2017

By Fitful

Two Dreams. One. I have a new apartment. It is small and a bit crushed in with all the other apartment. It had a lot of little odd cubbies that seem to have no structural purpose. I keep boxes in them. My bed is a lot elevated. I do stretches with a band on the bed, as I watch someone on an invisible TV screen do them. Her band is nice and comes from a website and is blue. There is a closet in my apartment, and another bed beside mine but the bed remains blurred out and I never see it or acknowledge it while in the dream. I know it's there when I remember the dream tho. There is a very narrow hallway I assume leads to at least a bathroom. And in front of my bed is a bench, like you would see in a park. I often sit on the bench. In fact most of the time in the room I am sitting on that bench. There is a thin table in front of it maybe, something which I can easily peer under. I watch the floor, which is made of sand. There opens little holes which swallow specifically old lady jewelry. I look for more jewelry in the couch cushions, apparently the bench has a back rest with couch cushions. I only find pretty beetles. I try and put them on the sand floor and it doesn't even notice them. I am on my bed and the window is open. I don't know if I begin singing or he does but soon we are singing a duet between us. He invites me over in a yell, apparently he is 2 doors down. I go over. He is this large hairy guy, his apartment is a mess. He needs help moving something. I forget what. I am not myself. Well I am, but I am also someone else, a male person, a time traveler or alien dimension jumper or something. I only see him from his perspective which is my perspective he is almost the whole time in my body. But his personality is distinct from mine. I feel him as a color, kinda orangey tan. That is the color I imagine his hair is. I imagine he looks like Miles O'Brian from star trek. Maybe messed hair and a touch of Einstein about him. Anyway we beam/sneak into a secret museum. It's only visited by the elite rich people. I leave him inside this coffin/machine of his which will return him home. I leave and my perspective stays with him a bit. He thanks the girl in the background for helping us win the election. Apparently in the future it comes out she is the reason (either trump or Obama won I don't know. Glimpses into his memory of the world show too bright sunlight and primary elections colors and I think they both night be the same person there in his world, those two presidents.) won. She turns to him and is actually a Demon and scares the living daylights out of me. I am home again and the people in my building want a favor from me. They ask me to go into another woman's house and wake her up. She has a very important appointment. It is something they provide, a service, and would of course do but they think it would be better coming from me. I agree and they unlock the door and let me in, they tell me a method to wake her up. I do it and it doesn't work. They tell me to tap her twice and then laugh. I do this and it works, she opens her eyes. They are bright red/pink contacts which scare me. She sits up, Gothic like me and I calm down and I softly say she has an appointment. My words flow out perfectly soft and scripted as if I work there even though they didn't tell me what to say. Two. I am in another apartment and personality complete. This apartment is huge and a mess, u packed everything lying around. It is Christmas and my friends come over and bring me dog food and a cat and a whole bunch of pet supplies. I have a little Scottish dog running around and I'm glad there is food to feed him, but unhappy about having meat in my house. I hadn't decided yet how to make my pets vegan. The cat they bring is white and needs a bath. I hold him gently, standing in the entry hall to my apartment, and they pour water over him to get him used to the water and not freak him out. He gets used to the water and finally when the bath is over still submerges himself in the plastic bowl of suds. Slowly it turns into a large glass fishbowl as he keeps going back into and and staying underwater . In the end I can't get him to come out and he lives in the fishbowl.