Zeus, Alaska, Eutopia Bubble

Date: 9/20/2019

By SHeesch26

Mom, Kayla, and I are discovering rural, snow-covered Alaska where we find ourselves along a wide, frozen river at the base of a step grassy hillside. As we walk out on a snowy wooden deck, I look across to see grizzly and polar bears the size of firetrucks and they looked PISSED. Behind us, on top of the hill is Zeus, leisurely sniffing around and as I see bears approaching along the river bank, I adamantly call Zeus towards us. The hillside is uneven, with mounds a few feet high with frequent sudden drop-offs. He's relunctly navigating these mounds and with a clear path in my site, I walk towards him still calling. Unfortunately, he does not see the easy part and falls down 10-15 feet and lands directly on his back. I immediately fall apart emotionally, he's not walking away from this. With him limp in my arms, i run north (maybe west) and am now in this city within a bubble trying desperately to find a pet hospital. With old and modern buildings stacked literally and figuratively on top of one another, finding any building is tough. I run in to a South facing door in this dark brown, modernized older building and get right up to the reception table. Sobbing, I yell "Help! My dog is dying, please help!" The receptionist, with no enthusiasm says, "well you'll have to wait 17 days, that's what everyone says." She continued while maintaining her tone, "or you can go to the 153rd floor." I glance up and see Danny Flahie looking at me with a small smirk. I bolt around the corner, through an east facing glass door and look up then south. The building didn't even have 10 floors! With tears running down my face, I look for the tallest building I can find frantically. End.