Found a homeless boy who I started dating

Date: 5/30/2017

By byugancrystal

Me mom and my brother were walking through town when yanis rushed back and tells us to come look at this busker performing. He was homeless, singing and playing the guitar, and really good looking, but I don't remember what he looked like. All I remember is that he had dark hair. So suddenly my mom and brother are gone, and it's just me. I'm a girl who was kind of adopted, kind of not. I didn't live with my real family, but with another who treated me as their own. I waited until the boy finished performing to ask him how long he'd been living like this, to which he responded since he was around 10- 7 years because he was now 17. He really was attractive and really talented. And so, I grabbed him by the wrist into where I lived; it was huge. I told him I'd be giving him a home. He showered and whatnot and then i took him to the living room, where the family was situated. Our family consisted of children who were mostly homeless, and a few adults who looked after us. I said to him "I have something special to show you." "Good, because you're special," he responded, draping his hands over my shoulder. I led him to the living room with my head resting on his arm because they were really warm and introduced him to the family. We ate, and then played some game. Then as we were about to announce the winners, ablittle boy called "Carmen" was accused of cheating (which wasn't uncommon). So they decided to play a different game. I was talking to the boy, asking him if he ever studied, and he told me he knew Spanish, was good at maths and chemistry and biology. He taught himself. He was kind of resting his head under the white lace cloth on the piano while taking to me, half asleep-like. I then asked him, why he was homeless and he said that his father had hung his mother, so he ran away. I apologised, not really knowing what else to say, and boy after a few moments said "yeah..." I changed the subject, stating that I could never be homeless, and congratulating him for it. "I wanted to die when I went camping in a tent, in summer; when it's cold I suffer outdoors. So I don't know how you live like that." He chuckled, but I think he was asleep now. So I left him. I caught the last part of the familys heated discussion. "-everything has been going wrong because of him. He ruined everything." I knew they were talking about the fact that games wouldn't work, we needed more food and stuff because of the boy I brought back. I glanced back at him, and I felt myself crying while he slept peacefully. He hasn't been here that long, they couldn't just take that away from him. I begged to let him stay and they were insistent that anyone who had adoption forms was their kid, the boy, did not have one. But neither did I. The lady, my "mom", who was talking to me pulled out some forms with my name on, and I realised they were adoption forms, meaning they were going to send the boy away. I really liked him, and he liked me; I wasn't going to let this happen. I took the paper and ripped it up before running out and crying. I looked back and boy who was still sleeping. I felt someone following me, the had brown hair and I thought it was the boy but I didn't stop running. I ran through a building site on school grounds, right where the new building would be, when I saw boris Johnson. Someone was asking him what happened to his "monster" and he said "at home guarding my garden". When I finally turned around after just passing the main sixth form entrance, I saw it was a curly haired nerd who was following me. I knew his name was something strange like "salt smacker" because people used to make (terrible) jokes like "I'll salt smack the shit out of you". He said to me, "you're being really depressing right now. Do you know how people perceive you?" I took no notice but he kept following and talking to me. "Do you know why what you're doing it stupid?" (He was referring to me running away so the boy could live my life) Finally, I responded: "why?" And the nerd said "I'm not good with 's's." and then went away just as I got to the side door. Inside, I accidentally stood on this blonde guys toe, I didn't know his name but he was in my year group. His friend, Beth, told me to apologise for it. I was going to, but because I was so upset, I thought I'd just start a fight instead somehow. Suddenly I had Beth in headlock, and was trying to take her down to the floor but she was strong. Eventually all these kids who were like 10/11/12 came up and started trying to fight me. There were at least eight of them, and the eight didn't even make one because I was holding them all back with my two feet.