The Black Plague Dream

Date: 3/1/2019

By dwalyn

So it starts out with me on a zip line in the desert. It was supposed to be in Big Bend I think. I ziplined to the ground and then I had a pet rat for some reason. Then it flashes to me at this place that I guess was my home. I hear something out in this shed and I go out there and it’s my pet rat flipping out and it touched me with it’s tail and I automatically was covered in a rash. Then I ran inside and somehow had the cure in my house. Then I used it but I used all of it and then I took off running down the road I ran until I got to this mansion that was for some reason purple. I went inside and these people asked me if I had the plague and I said no and they said I had to have the plague and they started chasing me so I stole their whip and I was driving and I got to this field and I got out and YNW Melly was there and he said he was going to shoot me but he didn’t want to. Then I took off running while he shot at me and then the dream was over.