Date: 7/23/2017

By blakethepianoman

So we (as in me and all these other guys) were trapped in this building do to either a flood or a snow storm and everyone was starting to get cabin fever and starting to kinda go crazy, but my character was the one that was sane ya know, kinda the leader, the one who was still right in the head and then at the very end I was taking my medicines and I wasn't paying attention and I took a shit ton of them at once and I went to this sink to try to get water to swallow it and then I spit them out and realized id taken so many and wasted them and I ran to the back hoping to god that I hadn't taken all of them and then I found that I had and I lost it like that was the last piece of normal society that I had, that I still had of the past and they helped me and I lost it, all my cool calm collectedness was lost and I sobbed and I wanted the other people around me and mentally I was fried and I was just as lost as everyone else in the room