Run and hide

Date: 2/19/2017

By pansexualpirate

okay so it was me, and alex we had moved somewhere (I don't know where) and this little kid said that a biker gang has taken over the town and they didn't like new people. We didn't really listen and we went to a shop, we had to walk up some stairs to get to the shop and that's when we saw the biker people they didn't see us at first because they were driving there motorcycles. Then one of them got off the motorcycle and came over to the shop so we ducked but he saw us and then went back to the gang and told them. They drove off saying that they would be back. After they left the store manager pulled us into the store and started giving us supplies saying that we has to leave the town and quickly. Once we had food and water and stuff we were about to leave but the manager told us to take her canoe (not sure if I spelled that correctly but it's a type if boat) and that we had to go deep into the jungle and head for the river. We got to the river which was huge and very fast so I told alex to get in. She did and I pushed it into the water and jumped in quickly. And that's how the dream ended