Date: 4/11/2017

By obeydream

( background) another name for Hitler's is called holocaust. If you know what the holocaust is continue reading, if you do then skip to the reading. The holocaust is about the Germans only killing Jewish people. They made the Jewish people to go to concentration camps, it was HORRIBLE. It is the horrific times back then. Let's start the dream. (Started) (Btw I'm not Jewish) I had been with my friends, my family was no long in the place that I lived. We had been in a coffee shop. We had been drinking coffe. I see the German army getting aggressive with the people. Hitting them and beating them to the floor. Blood spattered every where. We had been taking to the concentration camps. There was a big crematorium, body's had been put in the fire. We had go to the place "Buna". We had got there. I went walking to a place. They had shaved my hair and took my clothes and had given new ones. It was really. Cold outside. Ed had to go to a selection which is that if your strong and young, you stay and if your old and crippled, you die. I had gone to the left but nothing has happened to me. I went to one of the Sargents and they had given me a job to die. What I saw while I was walking was HORRIBLE, Traumatized me. (wait till part 2)