Date: 9/6/2019

By Ryleedreams

I was in a mansion sort of house in what seemed like an underground city. There was no moon or sun or stars so I assumed we were underground, although I couldn't see anything but darkness looking up. Anyway, I was in this mansion with a family, similar to the Incredibles, they each had powers and although I wasn't related I was more a house guest, I guess. I was exploring the mansion with one of the family members my age when we saw a news cast on the TV saying that the family living here were murderers and were building a robot army to destroy the city. In the dream I new the family was innocent and also that there were bad people out to get them. The girl I was with said we had to leave before they catch us and we ran towards an exit. Before we could get there a huge animatronic (like the nightmare animatronics from fnaf) jumped out and attacked us. I ran as far as I could but when I finally stopped I realize the other girl wasn't with me. I couldn't go back, if I was going to help them I needed help myself. I ran trying to find an escape, dodging every animatronic that came at me until I finally broke through a door outside. I pulled my hoodie over my head and walked casually into the crowd now gathered outside. No one saw me. I went to a friends house nearby and explained the situation. My friend (I'm gonna call him Benji) is really smart with technology, in the dream. He said that we needed to find a killswitch to turn off all the robots and save the family. We left and after being chased by more robots and found a few more friends and eventually ended up at a hidden door. It was a small metal door that had a valve like handle to open it. We went through and came across a huge room the size of a football field. It had hill like metal flooring and random holes in the wall that looked like sewer pipe openings. The odd part was that it was completely clean and huge lights covered the ceiling making it brighter than anything seen in the city. We slowly walked through hearing our footsteps echo off the walls. Then we saw it. A mountain of robot parts and blood pilled up against a wall under a pipe opening like it'd been tossed out of it. We all looked in horror. After awhile of staring we heard the loud stoping of robotic parts from behind us and we ran. The last thing I remember is seeing the animatronic closing in.