Date: 8/18/2017

By tdreamz

Lucid dreaming. False awakenings. Over and over. 2nd day in a row. During this dream I am constantly trying to overt my eyes to the macabre scenes because I am aware they are not real, yet i cannot control them from happening and reoccurring. I have no control. But I know that it is not real. Remembered dream: mom and dad very religious. Believe that killing ourselves will bring us to god and is the only way to be holy. My house, different parents. Big fat family. Collars around our necks that are tightening. Choking. All of us. In the back yard by the back fence. We all stab each other all over over and over. Then we all lie side by side as we bleed dying. We all choke and are almost dead. We all turn crying hugging each other saying "I love you" as if to say goodbye and good luck on the journey. Taylor is to my right. He is blue and bloody crying hugging me telling me he loves me. The others are still fat. I don't know them, but I think they are my family. I am not dead. I am just laying there. I'm not in pain. I have cuts everywhere. So do all of them. There is no more blood though. One by one we all realize that none of us died and we are all okay. "Dad" gets upset and wonders why it didn't work. He and "mom" go inside to read the Bible. I try to figure out a way to get my siblings to safety. In the dream at this point I am only 17. They are much younger. I go over how I will run away with them to safety so my parents can't kill them. I go into from room and think about calling police but feel "dads" presence watching my every move as if he knows what I'm planning. I pick up a bible and pretend to read and ask him how we will try to die next, playing along. I don't remember his response. Finally I am by the front door. I burst outside, and no later does "dad" grab my sister and brother and take them to the back deck. I am screaming for help while there are hundreds of cyclists driving by on the super enlarged street. Some of them stop and see my cuts and tears. They help me and we run back into the house only to hear the gunshots. I don't go any further. Then I am awake.