Goings on in a hotel room!

Date: 5/9/2017

By countingwaves

I'm not one for informing all of naughty dreams however this is an exception...I find recently a majority of my dreams have been so detailed I can remember every second within it! On this occasion you'd have to forgive the tone of the dream but I'm being honest! So I was visiting a nearby city for a friends birthday, I didn't see a lot of her as she was partying away the night with her friends, although we did catch each others glare occasionally! It turns out we where staying in the same hotel, I decided to treat myself and upgrade my room...one of the bonuses was a walk in shower room (wet room) I remember thinking to myself I'll only enjoy that bad boy! So I was sorting myself out for bed when I heard a knock at the door, baring in mind it was 1am I had no idea who it could be, there in the door way stood my friend, she pushed me into the room and we started to kiss, I remember running my hands over her body and grabbing every part of her. She then pushed me onto the bed and told me to wait there! She had a bag with her and closed herself in the bathroom. After 5 minutes I heard the shower start along with the door opening ever so slightly. She managed to change into some rather naughty underwear! We continued to kiss and made our way to the shower. Never knew how good she would be at oral sex I could sense every feeling of it! I turned her around and bent her up against the wall, her bottom sticking out she gave me that look to say "fuck me". My thighs were bouncing off her bottom, water was running down her back and onto her arse. We didn't care how late it was or how much noise we were making! I picked up her and threw her into my bed, both soaking wet she started to ride me, my hands were once again all over her, thrusting her hips closer and closer until I exploded inside her, I remember every part as if it happened, but I knew it was only a dream. But wow what a feeling to wake up to!!!