The King dies, fat future naked me, Pyrosome

Date: 1/28/2017

By Fitful

I was living on an island it was described to be as big as a play ground with all the necessary buildings of a town in it plus a castle, and then beyond the water there was the rest of the city. I was however describing this to a child, trying to put it into their perspective. I was a nanny of sorts, but also in a school situation and also security. I took care of a few children which were important to the community during the war. The war was brutal. Then the king died and everyone was crying. Before I could break down I called the kid on the video chat, and told him/her? She was the Kings daughter I think. She didn't Elie e me at first and was crying with her caretaker, this blonde woman. During a school visit(me in school this time) I was naked and pulled into a closet by a future naked version of me. I was told to play a game with this guy by the naked future me and complied. He wasn't really amused. I accused him of something but he didn't understand the game and when I explained it to him he still wasn't amused. He was naked the entire time, as was I. I felt very uncomfortable. He took offense at the word fat, the game was we were pretending to be fat, but we really were fat. I was rescuing a child, he was really distraught. And he was about to be killed by an enemy invader, a small group of them. I pushed him under water and into this glowing anomaly I had recently learned about, an animal organism which links together to create a mucus tube underwater. A pyrosome, but in the dream it was in a pond and if you went through the tube you could breathe. I grabbed him and we escaped that way, the enemy thought we were dead in the lake. A lot of this dream happened in a grocery store.