Date: 7/17/2017

By pheeniealexandra

I was at the beach and michael Slemko was there and gryphon and s few others and I was at this house hosting a party of some sort and I turned all the lights on and it looked kinda like benshai's living room and then I was walking outside with Edward Cullen and we had just gone grocery shopping and he pulled me close and looked into my eyes and said "you should have waited to choose" because I guess I chose Jacob. And then we broke apart and kept walking and then he was describing to Mariel a dream about Hawaii and she was like "woah phoenix just had a dream about that! Twins!" And we talked about how their were tolls on the way home from the beach. Four tolls. And then at some point someone was teaching me about canoeing and we shouldn't worry about the red patches of algae but just just don't touch them much and the sting rays won't bother you either if you're in the canoe. And then I was saying goodnight to someone and then as soon as I went to sleep I woke up irl. And then as I typed this I fell asleep and Seraphina was trying to convince a boy that I was kinda a slut but like not in a bad way. And yeah that was weird she was like on top of the car demonstrating stuff. Then I woke up and wrote it down lol